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Blue Max

  • Blue Max Avro 504K Kit 1:48

    WWI RFC trainer. The ubiquitous 504K was used by a whole host of Air Forces, right up to the late 1920's. Every version can be built from this kit. The model includes a finely cast Clerget rotary...

  • Blue Max Bristol M.1C monoplane Kit 1:48

    RFC WW1 Bristol M.1C monoplane fighter. used extensively in the Middle East and training squadrons. An advanced monoplane fighter frequently called the Bristol Bullet. Model features easy...

  • Blue Max Halberstadt D.II Kit 1:48

    Famous WW1 German single seat fighter, the Halberstadt D.II used on the Western Front through to Macedonia. Served also in the Turkish Air Force. Typical second generation WW1 German fighter,...

  • Blue Max Phonix D.I Kit 1:48

    Austro Hungarian Phonix D.I fighter, used by all the top aces of the centrist powers. Linke-Crawford, Kiss etc. Kit features both Army and Navy markings. Blue Max kits contain main parts in...

  • Blue Max Vickers FB5 Gun Bus Kit 1:48 (BM207)

    Blue Max Vickers FB5 Gun Bus Kit 1:48

    WWI RFC Vickers FB5 Gun Bus two seat pusher fighter. The classic WW1 counter to the 'Fokker Scourge' - the first 1/48th scale kit ever of this type. Contains pre cut stainless steel booms, and...