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  • Red Roo Models Australia's Liberators Books

    Australia's LiberatorsHistory of the B-24 Liberators that operated from Australia or were supported by Australian-based units, beginning with the seconded USAAF units (the first time ever that front-line U S Army combat aircraft had been assigned to the...

  • Red Roo Models Australia's Lost Fighter - CA-15 Books

    Australia's Lost Fighter - The CA-15 and its Demise The story of Commonwealth Aviation Corporation's CA-15 fighter design is related by David Clark in this latest Red Roo book. The book covers the design of the CA-15, the reluctance of the Air Board to...

  • Red Roo Models Buffalo Down Under Books

    The Brewster Buffalo was a unique aircraft with the war time Order of Battle of the Royal Australian Air Force. Only 17 examples found their way in the RAAF inventory, all of the ex- Dutch machines. However, they were not the only Buffaloes the RAAF...

  • Red Roo Models First of Many, the S51 helicopter i

    First of Many -Sikorsky S-51 Helicopter in RAAF Service There are few aircraft that have profoundly affected military aviation in Australia. The Sikorsky S-51 (later known commonly in the UK as the Dragonfly as a result of licensed production by...

  • Red Roo Models Frend Bilong Australia Tru The Dou

    Before World War Two, light twin-engined bombers had been a vital part of almost every nation's air force. By the end of the war they had almost disappeared. There were a few startling performers, curiously most were of American origin, such as the...

  • Red Roo Models RAAF Mustang Book Books

    The North American (NA) P-51 Mustang was a revolutionary aircraft, the combination of superb design and an outstanding power plant. The Royal Australian Air Force operated the Mustang in Europe with the Royal Air Force command structure. Mustangs were...

  • Red Roo Models Strike Back, Modelling the B24 Libe

    Australian aircrew were intimately associated with the B-24 during the later war years, probably in their largest numbers as members of RAF Bomber and Coastal Commands, as indeed was my father, but they also operated the type within USAAF units in the...

  • Red Roo Models Understanding RAAF Colours Books

    RAAF enthusiasts - this is the book you have been waiting for! This book attempts to chart a course of explanation and illumination through the maze of confusion that surround World War Two Royal Australian Air Force colour scheme. It is written in plain...