Hobby Bounties June 2023 newsletter

Hobby Bounties June 2023 newsletter

Posted by Peter Chiang on 26th May 2023

April is the month of Easter, Hari Raya, and then Labour Day on 1st May 2023. It has been an exciting month as we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Corgi 72nd Lancaster Dambustersaircraft from Operation Chastise. We also had our Airfix Operation Chastise Competition on Saturday 20th May 2023 at Hobby Bounties in which there were 4 completed entries, and Razali Ahmad won with his Dambuster diorama. Congratulations, Razali!

Next week on Wednesday 31st June and Thursday 1st June 2023, our great figuremodeller, Adam Pratt, will be at the shop from 2 – 7pm to teach figure painting. All you need to do is bring yourself, and we will provide the Airfix figures, Humbrol paints and brushes and teach you. This is on a first come first serve basis and subject to space availability. There is a cap of 8 participants per day.

We have new Hornby Hobbies stock arriving from the UK the first week of June 2023, among the exciting items are:

*Hornby limited edition of Queen Elizebath Jubilee trains and the Hornby limited edition 100th anniversary of the Flying Scotsman trains sets.

*Scalextric film related sets such as the Micro Scalextric Batman vs Joker The Race for Gotham City race sets, the James Bond film cars (Lotus Esprit Turbo from ‘For Your Eyes Only, Mr Bean - ‘Do It Yourself’ mini, Back To The Future 3 Time Machine etc.) and the race cars such as Formula 1 (Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 99T from Monaco GP 1987, Nigel Mansell’s Willaims FW11 – 1986 British GP etc.), Formula E, 24hrs race and so on.

*Airifx kits – we have a restock of our starter kits after having sold all the aircraft. We also have the new starter kits and the Airfix 24th Supermarine Spitfire MKIX, the classic Airfix kits of the CA-13 Boomerang, D H C Beaver, Westland Whirlwind helicopter etc.

*Humbrol paints and accessories. We are stocking the full range of the new Humbrol dropper bottles acrylic paints and the paint palettes, Humbrol aging powders and washes, the new Humbrol Chipping & scratching agent, smart mud, flexi sanders, weathering pens etc

A gentle reminder that tomorrow is also our monthly gathering at the shop from 2 – 5pm.

As usual, we look forward to welcoming you, and thank you for your support.