Airfix Sail Ship Competition on Saturday 25th May 2024

Airfix Sail Ship Competition on Saturday 25th May 2024

Posted by Peter J K Chiang on 28th May 2024

As we missed our Airfix 48hrs 48th aircraft build this year due to unforeseen events, I decided to make up by announcing an Airfix Sail Ship Competition in late

March 2024.

To start off the competition, I announced that I will build the Airfix 1:180 HMS Victory for display.

Through our modelling group, Clive Chan from Ipoh in Malaysia announced that he was currently building the Airfix 1:144 WASA which will be his entry.

Then various modellers bought Airfix sail ships to build. Along the way came Razali Ahmad, one of our avid modellers, came and bought the Airfix 1:72 Golden Hind.

As I posted daily progress of my Airfix HMS Victory on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, Razali informed me that I set his pace of his build. FYI - this is my first large sail ship build.

Nellie Chan, one of our few lady modellers, also chose to build the Airfix 72nd Golden Hind. She will submit her entry in November 2024.

Many modellers realised that this was not an easy build.

Clive Chan finished his model about mid-May 2024, and believed that he could complete the Airfix 1:130 Cutty Sark. However, he asked if he could submit the photos online as he would not be able to bring it to Hobby Bounties in Singspore from Ipoh Malaysia in time. I informed Clive that this was a physical competition and the entry has to be at Hobby Bounties.

On Saturday 25th May 2024, Linus and daughter Nellie Chan brought Dana Chan. The latter moved her father’s model on a dog cage from Ipoh Malaysia to Singapore, and had carried it to the shop.

Razali Ahmad came with his model in box with the model comfortable fitted in. We had about 20 people who came to see the three sail ships. This included my parents.

As the models were built to a very high standard, I decided to award both entries joint first prizes. Enclosed are the photographs.

Our next competition is the mini-Airfix AFV D-Day diorama competition on Saturday 17th August 2024, and our annual National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition is on 28th - 30th November 2024 at the Singapore Air Force Museum.