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 : 000
Merchandise Total : SGD $000
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Product Detail: 99016 PzIII AUSF J (1:72 Scale)

Product Title : 99016 PzIII AUSF J (1:72 Scale)
Product Code : 99016
Product Description : German PzIII AUSF J now with side skirts
Scale :
Features : The first vehicle was to be armed with anti-tank gun and two machine guns and second one was to be a support vehicle armed with a larger calibre gun.
Price (in SGD) : 25.00
Net Weight (in Kg) : 0.20
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Package Detail : As early as 1934/35, General Heinz Guderian envisioned two basic types to act as the main equipment for the future German Panzer Divisions.
Quantity :  Pack    (Min Order Qty. 1)
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